Welcome to Wyrd Weaving!



On this website you will find a collection of custom-made and historical tablet woven bands.

My aim is to find happy owners for the bands that I weave, and to make bands for people who want them, as close to their preferences as I can make them.

Tablet weaving is a versatile form of band weaving, which produces sturdy bands with intricate patterns. Such a band could be used to trim off a historical or fantastical garment; it might be made into a belt or a strap for a bag. A personal favourite is making bands intended for handfastings, pagan wedding rituals.

While some bands on this website are replicas of, or derived from historical bands, I do not aim for historical accuracy for its own sake. I find inspiration in the original historical bands, and I enjoy – figuratively – unravelling them, but designing entirely new patterns is equally as exciting to me.

This page is not intended to be instructional; if you are interested in learning the methods of tablet weaving, there are many excellent sites on the internet that explain it much better than I could.